Wellnessonesource – Authentic Clay Tequila – Mezcal Shot Glass Set (Pack-4, White)


Details: A one of a kind set of handmade tequila shot glasses that are handcrafted using premium grade clay. Which offers a durable touch, and lightweight feature. So you can enjoy your tequila glasses easily. Once crafted to perfection these tequila glasses are hand painted to form a unique pattern. Making these set of 4 mezcal shot glasses a unique addition to your collection. We are offering you a one of a kind and authentic Mexican artwork done by local artists in Mexico. These artists live around different rural areas in Mexico and are looking for a way to put their art forward. As they have amazing skills and techniques that will blow you away. They are using local materials available to them and handcraft each piece to perfection. Mostly the materials used include mud, textile, wood, copper, and other local materials that fit the theme of the piece. With this hand painted tequila shot glasses, you will be able to showcase your amazing sense of design, as they feature a gorgeous hand painted design that is hard to come by! – Material: The handmade tequila shot glasses are manufactured using durable and reliable material. – Feature: An original Mexican art inspired hand painted shot glasses set that is crafted and painted by a local Mexican artist. – Size: Hand painted tequila shot glasses that measure approximately diameter 2 1/4″ x height 2 1/4″. – Design: A stunning original Mexican design that is showcased beautifully for you to enjoy.